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Over at Coudal, we were one of the first to receive a copy from the first printing of JPG Magazine, a magazine for photographers and photography-enthusiasts of all kinds. And we haven’t stopped loving it since. There’s a simple theme laid out, an open submission process, and then it all just kind of comes together, with the terrific talents of husband and wife team Derek Powazek and Heather Powazek Champ (Heather was actually at the studio over the summer and took some photos of our chalkboard bathroom). And how the time flies. They’re already on to Issue 3. The theme this time: Fabulous. Here’s their description:

For this issue, we wanted to do something that focused on the joy of life. So we asked you to tell us what you saw in the word “fabulous.” And the response was clear. Like soylent green, it’s people.

From Erica Shires’ take on Dorothy on page 12, to Ben Hays’ summertime spin on page 37, to Edward Thompson’s chicken man on page 39, it’s the people in our lives that make the world fabulous.

But fabulous doesn’t just mean “good.” Fabulous is a state of mind. It’s about noticing the little things that take you out of the ordinary. Like Michael Cobra’s Laundromat on page 14 and Gautam Naranng’s bling on page 20.

And what could be more fabulous than inviting your friends over and turning them into rock stars? That’s what our featured photographer Robin Jean did. The resulting portraits make even the most ordinary people seem fabulous.