One Plus One Equals Soto

By Guest Comment


Like all things on the web, I ran across artist Jeff Soto through, first, Lounge 72, then in seeing that he had some stuff at the 1988 Galery in Los Angeles. Finally led me to his terrific site, which led me to smacking my forhead, saying, “Oh yeah, that guy! I know that guy! I really like that guy!” (I don’t usually use the same words in such rapid succession unless I’m stunned or writing something where I need to illustrate said stunned-ness).

Moving on, Soto’s work is fantastic. Cash this upcoming paycheck and see about buying one of this guy’s pieces. You’ve seen his work in Entertainment Weekly, The Village Voice, Wired, loads of editorial and ads, and everywhere in between. Now he’s got a book out, and a pack of miscellaneous Soto-things (which also includes the book). It’s entitled Potato Stamp Dreams and here’s what it has in it:

Potato Stamp Dreams featuring the graffitti, photography, drawing and art installation of Jeff Soto is now available. In addition to over 200 full color paintings, this premier volume features 148 pages, metallic ink and features a double sided dust jacket that reveals a black cloth, hard cover. In addition, your online purchase will include a limited edition 48 page mini zine free with purchase. Designed and published by Mark Murphy/Murphy Design features text by John Purlia, Dave Kinsey and Jana DesForges.