NY Times Might Plug Paywall Holes

By Chris O'Shea Comment

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.38.30 AMIn an effort to adjust to the changing habits of digital readers, The New York Times is filling in some holes in its paywall.

The Times launched its paywall in 2011. In real life that’s not that long ago; in internet years, that’s forever. Back then, the Times thought allowing unlimited articles via Facebook and Twitter was a good idea. Now? Not so much. Re/code reports that the paper is limiting the number of articles Facebook and Twitter users can read without paying for a subscription.

Facebook users who exceed 10 Times articles a month will now be shown a prompt to subscribe [pictured]. The same goes for Twitter users. Full disclosure: we’re Times subscribers, but don’t have our account linked via Facebook.

The Facebook cap only applies to articles that take you to the Times’ site. Users can enjoy as many Instant Articles—Times articles hosted by Facebook—as they want.

According to a Times spokesperson, the paywall hole-filling is just an experiment, but we’d be surprised if the Times abandoned the policy.