Literary Agent: Celebrity Book Ghostwriting No Longer a ‘Dirty’ Occupation

By Richard Horgan Comment

When it comes to the crowded and increasingly lucrative field of celebrity book ghostwriting, few have a better handle on things than Madeleine Morel. The British-born Morel moved to New York City in 1977 where, five years later, she founded¬†2M Communications, a literary agency that today specializes in ghostwriting. As Morel’s bio reminds, she is “actively looking for new clients in order to maintain her Prada habit!”

Ha ha. Morel provided¬†NPR’s Weekend Edition with some equally colorful quotes about the biz, including this one highlighting how ghostwriting is no longer something her clients, and others, are embarrassed to be associated with:

“Say ten years ago, ghostwriting definitely had a sort of dirty name, the same way as online dating had a dirty name. So if you were a ghostwriter you’d maybe tell your best friend on pain of death never to tell anyone else ’cause there was a slightly ignominious feature to it.”

By the way, the way things are going, the reporter for this radio report – Gabrielle Emanuel – may one day herself be in the market for a biography ghostwriter. The current NPR Kroc Fellow graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth in 2010, studied social policy at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and has done various other international stints including one in Mali with UNAIDS.