New York Times CEO Janet Robinson Earned $4.48 Million in 2010

By Ujala Sehgal Comment

The new paywall couldn’t come too soon.

Despite all the cost cutting they’ve been doing at the New York Times (CEO Janet Robinson reduced costs by $171 million in 2010), the stock is still down 21 percent for 2010, Business Insider reports.

Janet Robinson took a pay cut herself: in 2009 she earned $4.86 million, but her 2010 salary was only $4.48 million, down 8 percent. Not exactly a tragic loss. We doubt she’s complaining.

Salary cut notwithstanding, it appears that the Times‘ board acknowledged the cost-cutting work Robinson has been doing — it granted her a slightly larger bonus than 2009, up to $2.32 million compared with $2.25 million from the year before. Robinson’s overall salary cut was actually the result of her restricted stock and stock options shrinking, according to Business Insider.

With the much-dreaded (we mean anticipated!) paywall going up for the Times in 2011, it’s a big year to watch and see if its stock will start to pick up (along with the fortunes of its top executives).