More LED Coolness

By Jen Bekman Comment


An anonymous tipster sent me a link to this blog entry on information aesthetics. The image above is of a buliding with:

a matrix of LED lights embedded into the entry walkway respond to the presence of visitors, while a massive display of lights on the building facade mirror these patterns. the building facade acts as a real-time visual representation of the human activities within its physical borders, turning the architectural concept of facades inside out.

Electroland a collaborative that describes itself as “a team that creates comprehensive and multi-disciplinary urban projects and scenarios.” [ed. note: Powerpoint slide or mission statement… or both? You be the judge.] developed the project, called EnterActive, which is located at 11th & Flower in El Lay. Any Unbeige readers who’ve checked it out in person – I’d be much obliged to received a first hand account! Email jen AT unbeige DOT com.