Meet Me at Forth & Towne?

By Jen Bekman Comment

Gap, Inc is making a bid to create a shopping oriented third place for baby-boomer women. Well, actually they’re just trying to sell them some clothes, but I will give them credit for coming up with a fresh angle to do so (even if it is in the what’s-old-is-new vein):

Forth & Towne is named to evoke a gathering place for women… the stores will be designed to encourage shoppers to spend time there. Fitting rooms will be in the center of the store, which he hopes will improve customer service and make it easier for women to get opinions from friends and family.
“We harkened back to what we believe is the old grandeur of those great department stores, the ones that used to sit on the corner of Main and State in great cities,” Mr. Pressler said. “It was a romantic time when women got dressed up to go to department stores, and they felt they were treated with respect.”

Ah, yes, the heady romance of being treated with respect!

Interestingly, a Google Search on Forth & Towne produces few results, most of them being for legal notices filed with our neighbor to the north, Canada. The quotes above come from a Wall Street Journal article which ran today. There’s also a small item in The Chicago Sun Times (four of the five new stores will open in Chicago, one in NYC).