Media Experts Weigh in on Who Should Buy The New York Times

By Chris O'Shea Comment

The New York Times is not for sale. The New York Times is not for sale. Okay, one more time: The New York Times is not for sale, dammit. Now that we’ve repeated this already repeated fact, let’s be straight here — it doesn’t matter if the Times is for sale or not, because media people love talking about it anyway.

The New Republic knows that this is a subject that just won’t go away, so they went ahead and asked several experts who they think should buy the paper of record. Below are some of their answers. Click through for their expanded answers.

  • Nick Denton – Evan Williams
  • Graydon Carter – Fran Lebowitz
  • Tina Brown – The Mayo Clinic (oh so witty!)
  • Elizabeth Spiers – Bill Gates