Light Pollution

By Jen Bekman Comment

mcdonalds_2.jpgAll this talk about buildings and lights has gotten me thinking about lighting pollution. I know that Metropolis did a great feature about it a long time ago, but alas, Google is failing me again. One of the things I remember most clearly about the article was the great photo essay that accompanied it – a young photographer took pictures of from the rooftops of buildings close to stadiums. (Yankee stadium is the one that sticks out in my mind.) He only used the ambient light generated by the stadiums to illuminate the images. Only is an understatement here – the light was pretty glaring in most instances.

The image posted here is from photographer Tim Davis‘s series Retail. Many of the images are published in the book Lots, available through Schaden. Tim’s series goes beyond light pollution – the entire series consists of illuminated retail signs reflected on the windows of residences.

During my Google hunting, I also came across this: an experimental image modeling light pollution in the US.