LAT Layoffs; The Fallout

By Rachel Kaufman Comment

Yesterday we told you that the Los Angeles Times book review had eliminated its freelancers. The cuts, sadly, go much deeper than that.

Our sister blog FBLA reports that columnist Tim Rutten, assistant business editor (and Pulitzer winner) Sharon Bernstein, and NBA writer Mark Heisler were let go yesterday.

Blog editor Tony Pierce and assistant Travel editor Jane Engle both got cut too, according to LA Observed (which has copies of beautiful farewell notes from both).

Here’s Heisler’s goodbye, via Twitter:

Last, via FishbowlLA, California editor Ashley Dunn’s memo to staff. It includes the sentences: “To those who are understandably feeling a bit down, I say: We don’t get our asses whipped, we whip asses. We don’t get ulcers, we give ulcers.”