Entertainment Weekly Beta-Testing an Old Concept: Unpaid Contributors

By Richard Horgan Comment

They are just three little words. But the media community shudder that goes along with community.ew.com is much larger.


Per Lucia Moses at DigiDay, the once-venerable pop culture king of newsstands and weekly subscriptions is formally stooping to the level of unpaid contributors. Complete with double-speak or maybe even, in this case, triple:

“The expansion here hopefully allows us to tap into new audiences who are increasingly having conversations in fragmented locations,” said Liz White, general manager of EW.com and people.com.

Translation: White and her bosses are hoping that the dilution will allow EW to tap into a better spreadsheet and less NYC HQ fragmentation. As Moses notes, this is the first contributor network dropped into a Time Inc. property. It won’t, sadly and most likely, be the last.

Earlier this week, People announced that it was adding a WhoSay celebrity photos feed to its site. EW.com editor Matt Bean told Moses that “some bloggers” on The Community will be paid.