Design Within Reach Move to Connecticut is Finally Complete with Opening of Stamford Studio


By Steve Delahoyde Comment

What started last fall now finally looks complete, as Design Within Reach looks to have fully transitioned into its new home. You might recall that back in October, the company announced that it would be leaving its longtime habitat of San Francisco and moving across the country, into a rehabbed industrial building in a revitalized area of Stamford, Connecticut. While most of the offices were finished up this past spring, with the rest of its staff moving in thereafter, just this week the company has opened its first floor as its newly christened Stamford Studio. A large 6,500 square foot space, it features 20 room sets, an accessories department, a 32-foot-long Design Bar, and more, the entire space designed by the New York-based firm Sayigh + Duman. While not as large as, say, the 7,700 square foot DWR we have here on North Ave. in Chicago (not to brag), you can bet that it’s sure to be the most attentive, up-to-date, and spotless in their entire retail chain, given that the big bosses are constantly just a floor above.

Update: DWR was kind enough to send us a couple of photos of their new offices (the ones upstairs). You’ll find them after the jump…