Cut&Paste Kicks Off Digital Design Tournament


By Stephanie Murg Comment

Love Layer Tennis? Get off the sidelines and seize an opportunity to show off your design skills—live on stage. Our friends at Cut&Paste are once again on the hunt for graphical savants ready to battle it out in their fourth global digital design tournament, which makes a strong case for design as spectator sport. Building on the success of its 2010 world tour, the design booster organization will host competitions in 2D, 3D, and motion design in a dozen cities (from New York to Seoul) to scout and spotlight talent for the big show: the Global Championship in March 2012. Select tournaments will feature Show&Tell presentations that promise “an insightful how-to with some of the brightest minds in the design community.” Have nerves of steel and a golden portfolio? Cut&Paste is now accepting applications to compete. The deadline for U.S. entries is Friday, September 30, while nascent design stars in Europe, Asia, and Latin America have a bit longer to apply. And if the idea of a live-action digital design smackdown has you scratching your head, check out the below video.