Cool(er) Hunting

By Jen Bekman Comment

feature_redesign.gifJosh Rubin unveiled a redesign of his always interesting Cool Hunting site today. It now redirects right too “” and is known simply a Cool Hunting (before it was Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting, and a subsite on the domain.) The new design and clean and lovely. I am especially fond of the groovy gray category icons. Josh says:

Why the redesign? As a designer with a somewhat short attention span I was getting kind of bored with the last look and feel of Cool Hunting… In addition to refreshing the look and feel of the site, I wanted to bring in some new features and ways to better accommodate advertisers without getting in the way of the content.

The result is what you see here. This time around I served as Creative Director and had an awesome team help make it happen. The graphic design comes from the brilliant Richard Schatzberger, Brian Maniere meticulously wrote the CSS and Joel Niedfeldt magically made all the tricky stuff work.

Nice job!