Civil Engineer Leverages PowerPoint as Alternative to Online Dating

By Vicki Salemi Comment

powerPointExcel. Kind of straightforward, right? PowerPoint, too.

Well, if you’re civil engineer Rahul Saggaryou start creating PowerPoint presentations with a whole new meaning.

According to The New York Post, after making a presentation at work, he read a list of his failures in order to inspire others. Well, it ended up being a hit with colleagues that resulted in flirting with one of his female co-workers. That got him thinking…

Turning a work situation into a flirtatious one, he explains to the newspaper, “I figured if there was a venue where I could just present my failures and meet girls, that would be great.”

So, the enterprising New Yorker created a free monthly series, Presentation Dating, to invite his friend circles to convene in his Brooklyn condo basement for self-deprecating humor with the same concept. Expanding from the popular work-infused theme, one guest performed subway poetry while another made a salad. After all, he was looking for a date to accompany him to a dinner party later that same evening.

It wasn’t all about snagging a date as a main priority though. An employee for a major online retailer leveraged the event to vent about his job by reading angry customer complaints. At the very end he quipped, “I’m single, thanks.” And then he chatted with a woman during intermission.

In New York at least it seems the dating scene has evolved into turning work situations and creative conference room meetings and self-deprecating gatherings to find love…or maybe to just lament bad luck.