Byrne PowerPoint Update (and a Rant)

By Jen Bekman Comment

ledger.gifSeeing as how this comes from the ever-acerbic Miss Representation, the fact that it’s a bit of a rant is utterly unsurprising:

Here is the source of Byrne’s image:
The Break Up Style of PowerPoint [Ed note: Click and read. It’s good]

I find Bryne a little too twee anyway, and PowerPoint is its own thing, but, really, couldn’t you say the same thing for PageMaker, or Keynote (or is the box too nice)? Or a ruled pad? I’m sure somewhere there is a funny example of an accountant who wrote a break-up letter on a scrap of double-entry bookkeeping paper.

Besides, isn’t his overarching point that fat and ugly people who didn’t go to RISD for five minutes are easy to make fun of when you have a roomfull of namechecking, starfucking hipsters?