Brilliant BüKs

By Jen Bekman Comment

Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes fame pointed me towards Bük:

BüK is an inexpensive
pamphlet—just $1.49—containing one provocative essay,
short story, portfolio of pictures, collection of poems, or other
surprising entertainment, readable in the time it takes to drink
a cup of coffee. At 5 x 7 inches and 16-32 pages, a BüK fits
easily into a pocket, purse or backpack, where it is always ready
to serve up absorbing material by or about architects, artists, actors,
composers, critics, directors, designers, divas, educators, economists,
environmentalists, essayists, models, moguls, novelists, photographers,
politicians, poets, singers, and scientists.

As is becoming embarrasingly well-documented here, I am a freak for the magazines. These little babies are irresistible to me. I just ordered the BüK Collector’s Kit. I don’t usually fall for the package deal things, but the logo is outstanding and the kind of thing that I’d be happy to see on my morning cup of coffee.