A Brief Hello, Some Blah, Then Getting Right Into It


By Guest Comment


Howdy. I’m Steve Delahoyde, guest editor for a couple of days here at Unbeige. For a little on my background, I work at the ad agency/design firm, Coudal Partners, where, like everyone else there, I’m sort of a jack-of-all-trades. Primarily though, I’m the guy that handles a lot of the writing for the firm, as well as the producing and editing of film/video work, from tv spots to video for the internet. I got my start in the business by making far too many silly short films along with my cohort, Wakiza Gamez, some of which we have posted up here. Following that, I became a freelance editor and director, as well as a motion graphics designer. My directing work has appeared all over the place, from MTV to CBS to The National Lampoon Network, and my writing has popped up here and there from Time Out to McSweeney’s. So, yeah, kind of all over the place. Hope I’m worthy of the fine Unbeige name. Here’s some posts…