11 Must-follow news photoblogs

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Newsrooms have taken their cue from the rest of the web and created their own photoblogs that display news stories through images and showcase photojournalists’ best work. The photoblogs below exemplify what newsrooms are doing and are capable of doing.

1. The Denver Post: Plog Photo Blog

The Post presents several collections of photos on various topics such as local news, international affairs and sports.

2. The Wall Street Journal: Photo Journal

The WSJ has adopted a popular format for its photoblog: telling the news stories of the day through vibrant photographs posted daily.

3. Boston.com: The Big Picture

A consistently stunning collection of photos grouped by subject or common theme.

4. Voice of San Diego: Credentialed

Not just a series of photos…blog posts include transcribed interviews, video, and more.

5. MSNBC: Photoblog

The lackluster title of MSNBC’s online offering belies the amazing wire images indexed on the site. UPDATE: MSNBC is asking readers/viewers to help pick out a new name. Submit your suggestions here and here.

6. Mercury News Photo

A project of the San Jose (California) Mercury-News, this unique photoblog showcases slideshows that combine photos with audio.

7. The New York Times: Lens Blog

Arresting photos from the day are displayed in individual and easily navigable slideshows. Lens Blog also includes behind-the-scenes narratives with photographers alongside many of its slideshows.

8. The Los Angeles Times: Framework

One of the newest offerings from latimes.com is this photoblog that includes newsworthy and archival photos, video, and multimedia.

9.Toronto Star Photo Blog

The Star’s must-see photoblog features the work of staff photographers and posts include pointed and sometimes witty observations.

10. Reuters: Photographers

Text and photos live side by side on this photoblog that weaves compelling photojournalism with written accounts.

11. BBC News: Viewfinder

Every week BBC News asks its readers/viewers to submit photos surrounding a particular theme. The most interesting photos are displayed on the site.


Photoblogs are a great way for newsrooms to show off work of staff photographers and/or wire service photos. Photoblogs also cater for the casual internet viewer who can quickly (or not so quickly) scroll through the captivating images and understand the story contained within each one.

All of the above photoblogs have a few things in common: they display the photos in a format large enough so they take up a large portion of the browser window and they include some form of text, whether it be captions or a full narrative. They also prominently feature the name of the photographer to associate the person with his or her work.

Photoblogs aren’t limited to photos either. Many of the aforementioned photoblogs feature audio slideshows, video, and text-based narratives. Photoblogs can run as their own separate site section or on the same content management systems as regular blog posts or stories, so there is no excuse for not starting a photoblog of your own.

Do you have a favorite photoblog from a news organization that’s not listed here? Please share in the comments.

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