Today’s Most Popular Stories 12.30.09

By Matt Dornic 

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for December 30, 2009:

Washington Post: Republicans see political opportunity in Obama response to failed airplane bomb

Washington Times: Somali arrested at airport with chemicals, syringe

Washington Examiner: Obama gives Interpol free hand in U.S.

USA Today: Texas Tech fires Leach before court hearing seeking injunction

CQ Politics: Dash For Campaign Cash Before 2009 Ends

The Hill: DCCC: Obama ‘more aggressive in fighting al Qaeda’ than Bush

Politico: Dick Cheney: Barack Obama ‘trying to pretend’

ABC News: Regime Supporters Flood Iran Streets, Menace Opposition

CBS News: Was the Afghan Bomb Attack an Inside Job?

Fox News: Florida Girl, 11, and Boyfriend Set Mom on Fire, Cops Say

MSNBC News: 8 Americans killed in Afghanistan suicide blast

CNN: Charlie Sheen’s wife asks judge to modify restraining order

Wall Street Journal: Rich Cling to Life to Beat Tax Man

NPR: WWII Pacifists Exposed Mental Ward Horrors

Roll Call: Nelson Scrambles to Defend Health Vote

National Journal: Dems Blame Bush Admin For Terror Attempt

Bloomberg News: Rusal Hong Kong Shares to Be Priced at Maximum of HK$12.50 Each

Gallup.Com: Clinton Edges Out Palin as Most Admired Woman

Talking Points Memo: GOP Rep Has No Explanation For GOP Hypocrisy

Politics Daily: Jim Traficant, Convicted Felon, Running for Congress Again

Reuters: Afghan suicide blast kills eight U.S. civilians