Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.08.13

By Patrick Tutwiler Comment


Trending topics and the headlines driving clicks around town. Here are the day’s most popular stories for Friday, November 8, 2013.

Washington Post: Did Christie try to knife an ally?

Washington Times: Mendacity: Lawmakers renege on pledge to give up shutdown paychecks

Washington Examiner: New policy on mental health

Washington City Paper: Vincent Orange Is Running for Mayor

USA Today: Man Tasered by cops while stepson dies in fire

The Hill: House GOP tweaks Obama, schedules vote on Keep Your Health Plan Act (Video)

Politico: Tea partier shifts tactics on Obamacare

Roll Call: For Business, Bigger Primary Challenges Follow Alabama Race

National Journal: Why Minorities Are More Optimistic About the Value of College

Daily Caller:  Intolerance of guns will not be tolerated: The ballad of Dick Metcalf

ABC 7: Report: Capitol Police recall from Navy Yard was justified

NBC 4: Georgetown Prep Employee Charged With Bringing Gun Onto School Property

CBS 9: Sofia Petrova stranded in Siberia after mom sent her there on plane for being rebellious