Today’s Most Popular Stories 4.29.11

By Matt Dornic Comment

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for April 29, 2011:

Washington Post: Debt ceiling: More Democrats threaten to vote against raising borrowing limit

Washington Times: EDITORIAL: Birth certificate isn’t Obama’s only secret

Washington Examiner: Virginia AG cancels King & Spalding work for state after “obsequious act of weakness” in DOMA case

Bloomberg: Democrats Start Two Campaign Fundraising Groups for Obama Re-Election Bid

USA Today: Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is ‘a triumph’

The Hill: Rand Paul has ‘birther’ demand for Trump: Prove you’re a Republican

Politico: Donald Trump drops F-bombs on Las Vegas crowd

Roll Call: GOP Strategists Fear Fallout From Obama Birth Record

National Journal: Democrats Make It Official: They’ll Take Undisclosed Donations, Too

Talking Points Memo: With Drudge Report’s Help, Birthers Latch Onto Phony Forgery Theory

The New Republic: Liberals: Don’t Even Consider Gloating About Donald Trump

The Daily Caller: University of Iowa Republican student gets taste of left’s ‘civility’ in profane professor email