Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.9.11

By Matt Dornic Comment

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for November 9, 2011:

Washington Post: Joe Paterno will retire at the end of Penn State season

Washington Times: CURL: Politico and the Cain story that wasn’t

Washington Examiner: Speaking of floor leaders: Steny Hoyer’s intimate ties with lobbyists

USA Today: Joe Paterno’s long career

NPR: How Birth Control And Abortion Became Politicized

The Hill: Justice Breyer warns of Orwellian government

Politico: Clinton recants part of new book

Roll Call: Heard on the Hill: Steven Palazzo’s Hill Staffers Gone Wild

National Journal: Test Broadcast of Government’s National Warning System Set for Wednesday

The New Republic: Why Obama’s 2008 Coalition Won’t Save Him This Time

The Daily Caller: If Cain wins, the tea party loses