Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.29.10

By Matt Dornic Comment

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for November 29, 2010:

Washington Post: Foreign governments say WikiLeaks revelations undercut relations with U.S.

Washington Times: GM’s union recovering after stock sale

Washington Examiner: Mask-wearing protestors in D.C. can now be arrested

USA Today: Alarm over U.S. debt creates ‘window’ for tough choices

The Hill: Homeland Security seizes domain names

Politico: WikiLeaks reveals U.S. diplomatic secrets

Roll Call: New Members to Descend on Harvard for Policy-Heavy Orientation

National Journal: WikiLeaks: One Analyst, So Many Documents

Talking Points Memo: Bomb, Bomb Iran: The Top 5 Most Shocking Things About The Wikileaks

Politics Daily: Leaking of Secret U.S. Cables Sparks Diplomacy Crisis

The New Republic: To Mobilize the Indies, We Need Stronger Unions

The Daily Caller: McCain compares Palin to Reagan