The Atlantic‘s Davidson Sets Off On A Recession Road Trip

By Christine 

For the next four months, the Atlantic’s Christina Davidson will travel to 48 states on a “Recession Road Trip” (more aptly called the “Peanut Butter Sandwich Chronicles,” she jokes). She’ll travel to the people and communities most devastated by the economic climate and hopes to tell their stories of hope and strength. This roadtrip is also for a book she’s working on.

Davidson tells us she’ll be spending most nights sleeping on the couches of strangers and hopes to survive on a self-imposed $5 a day food allowance.

In her blog‘s first posting, she says, “This morning I begin a quest to discover that well of strength I believe still resides in the American people and communities most devastated by the economic downturn… In diners, bars, bingo halls and coffee shops, I seek those Americans who have lost everything–except hope.”

We’ll keep tabs on Christina’s travels and you can follow for yourself here.