Taking Out The Trash, 02.28.07

By Patrick 

  • Hmm… There seems to be a split verdict on Scooter Libby’s guilt. The innocents have it by a hair.

  • Bush Administration FOIA Report Card Hits New Low

  • John Kelly loves letters to the editor.

  • An update to our post yesterday re: beat changes at the Washington Times. Eric Pfeiffer will has been bumped up to the Capitol Hill beat, along with business reporter Sean Langell (they’ll join Christina Bellantoni and S.A. Miller).

  • After accidentally putting perfume, and not contact lens solution, onto her contact lens (thanks to those lovely TSA “3-oz. bottle” rules), WAMU’s Diane Rehm instantly burned “Ninety percent of Rehm’s epithelium (the layer of cells that covers the cornea’s surface).”

  • Left-wing bloggers have a beef with the Politico.

  • And CJR has a beef with John Solomon

  • DCRTV has a Kornheiser rant…

  • More of Bob Woodruff’s conversation with Charlie Gibson from last night.

  • An ABC release announced that “Nightline” “continued its growth trend in both Total Viewers and the key Adults 25-54 demographic” for the week of February 12. This is the highest post in total viewers since October, 2006.

  • Another ABC release announced that “World News with Charles Gibson” was the number 1 evening newscast among total viewers, adults and household for the week of February 19-23 for the second time in three weeks. This is also “the fourth consecutive week the broadcast has placed first among Adults 25-54.”

  • This kind of sourcing confusion could make your head explode.

  • B&C takes a hard look at new vs. old media. “The cuts reflect a grim reality for these media giants: Staying ahead often means cutting heads. As viewers shift their media-consumption habits, TV operations are forced to take a hard look at how they have been run and staffed for years. And in many cases, they’ve realized, they just don’t need the same people they used to.”

  • PEJ News Coverage Index shows that the 2008 presidential campaign was the top story (12%) for the week of February 18-23. The Iraq policy debate finished second (11%) followed by the Anna Nicole Smith story (10%).

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