Taking Out The Trash, 02.14.07

By Patrick 

  • From the few shows we offered you, “Grey’s Anatomy” seems to be your favorite, with “24” a close second. Tipsters wrote in upset that we hadn’t included “Ugly Betty,” “Dirt” and “The Office.”

  • An ABC release announced that “World News with Charles Gibson” is “the #1 evening newscast among Total Viewers, Adults 25-54, Women 25-54, and Households last week.” With 9.7 million viewers “World News” outperformed NBC’s “Nightly News” by 180,000 viewers.

  • E&P reports that in a White House briefing today, Tony Snow called the opening of a New York Times editorial on Iraq today “what may be the dumbest lead of an editorial I’ve seen in a long time.”

  • Slate’s Jack Shafer refutes claims that there is a war on the press. “I don’t pretend that all is happy between the press and the state. The current relationship is hostile and ugly, contentious and noisy. But it’s been that way for a long time.” (Hat Tip: Romenesko)

  • Is ’24’ bad for our troops?

  • Wonkette says that, on Valentine’s Day, the Politico is in love with, well, the Politico.

  • The Sleuth gets you caught up on David Sirota’s efforts to secure press credentials (and David Sirota pushes back).

  • Check out a preview of Fox’s new “Daily Show”-like show, “The Half Hour News Hour.”

  • The Washington Times writes-up their big announcement in today’s paper.

  • MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman criticizes Obama for criticizing the press.

  • Andrea Mitchell won’t be called in the Libby case.

  • Marc Fisher on the media’s winter snow hysteria.

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