Taking Out The Trash, 01.29.07

By Patrick 

  • We have a tie between being very attracted to a newsroom colleague and being neutral. Tiebreaker?

  • Deb Howell’s Outlook column.

  • AP’s Michael J. Sniffen gives us the update on the Scooter Libby trail and on the “spicier morsels” Cheney’s former top press assistant, Cathie Martin, described.

  • NRO’s Media Blog has the highlights of Tony Snow’s thoughts on the press from an event at George Washington University.

  • And another NRO gem — is the Wall Street Journal getting a new scent?

  • Byron Calame examines the ethical standards of the New York Times when dealing with freelancers.

  • Question: How come it’s so hard to find the Post’s “Free For All” Saturday page (which regularly features letters critical of the Post) online?

  • Bloggingheads Gets A Cash Infusion From Angel Investor Rosencrans

  • Douglas Brinkley reviews Marc Fisher’s book, “Something in the Air.”

  • In Memoriam: “Journalist Benjamin F. Holman, 76; Advised Nixon, Ford on Racial Issues

  • FYI: Nominations for our “Rising Star” competition will be open through this week.

  • Jim VandeHei’s hometown paper says, “An Oshkosh native is journalism pioneer.”

  • Ralph Hanson wonders why MSNBC didn’t link to Hillary’s video.

  • Doublethink magazine takes a look at the life of Sam Francis.

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