Taking Out The Trash, 01.09.06

By Patrick 

  • Google Alerts are a little slow to catch on.

  • Bob Woodruff Returns to ABC News Feb. 27

  • Dan Gross reports that “FOX 29’s Scott Engler is leaving the station by mid-month to ‘work with corporate executives, doing best practices consulting.'” Engler’s new job is based in Washington.

  • DCist calls into question the name of Time’s newest blog, Swampland.

  • Wonkette points out a blunder by the Washington Post this weekend, leaving the Social Security number of a fallen soldier visible to readers.

  • The Humane Society announced that the Los Angeles Times’ John Balzar will assume the job of senior vice president for communications. According to the release, he will “oversee all media and public relations, online advocacy, publications, membership services and special events.”

  • Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash reviews DarynKagan.com: “Daryn does warn us that this isn’t just happy news, it’s ‘hopeful news.’ And it did leave me hopeful: hopeful that I don’t contract Lou Gehrig’s disease and find myself stenciling birdhouses with my eyelashes for the sake of injured chimney swifts, and finally ending up as fodder on DarynKagan.com.”

  • E&P reports that a Gallup poll shows 44% of Americans still read newspapers as oppose to 22% who turn towards the Internet for daily news.

  • Jay Rosen on the AP, Jamil Hussein, and the bloggers who questioned whether he existed.

  • Examiner owner Philip Anschutz sells D.C. United.

  • Like media reform and Memphis? Click here.

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