Susan Glasser Showers Kisses on Employees

By Betsy Rothstein Comment

Every once in a while journalists need pats on the back. If for nothing else, to cut down on the seething resentment toward superiors that exists in some newsrooms. This week Foreign Policy Editor Susan Glasser sends out a positive-minded memo about their “record-breaking” month of March.

The gist: 3.4 million unique visitors, up by 1 million from 2.4. million last month.

See the memo…

Subject: Congrats to everyone…

So by now everyone knows about Foreign Policy’s record-breaking month, our biggest ever and by a long shot.

Here’s how it breaks down (and this is where it’s an incredible group performance, with just all-around terrific journalism and no one thing or news event driving this growth in Foreign Policy’s readership): more than 3.4 million unique visitors (up 1 million from a month ago; our most ever, by a lot); 20,024,046 page views (second only to last May, when fueled by OBL’s death and war dog, we had 21 million pageviews); a record 21 articles and photo essays with more than 100,000 pageviews, and on a huge range of subjects – from Josh Rogin and Mark Perry scoops and Michael Wilkerson’s definitive Kony2012 debunking to a tour of Al Qaeda’s Yemen safe haven, the amazing pictures of war photographers, and the whimsy of our second annual Dictators v. Dems March Madness tournament.

We added a ton of successful new content to the site in March as well, and will hope to keep that run going, from the very successful debut of David’s new column and that of Aaron David Miller, to the Election 2012 debate between Mitt Romney and the Obama national security team playing out on our site (the Guardian called their exchange last week on the first of the general election), and the revamp of our Facebook page and commenting section.

Onward to April…