Prom: The Buzz-O-Meter


By Patrick 

Which parties should you hit up this weekend? Where will all the VIPs be? Keep this guide handy all weekend and your WHCA Prom will be lovely. (And yes, we heard lots of rumors that TMZ was gonna do something splashy, but looks like that probably won’t happen…Unless, of course, it does. And, we’re sort of surprised that the Politico — no stranger to self-promotion — isn’t using their first WHCA dinner to do something grand…although they do have Miss America at their table and FishbowlDC will totally not be hitting on her all night).

WHAT: People magazine party
WHEN: Tonight
WHERE: IndeBleu
BUZZ: This year’s party looks to eclipse last year’s, which felt more like a happy hour than a VIP party. With a more exclusive guest list and a better venue, this could be the perfect way to kick off the weekend.
BUST: No Sanjaya.
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles):


WHAT: Tammy Haddad and Ted Greenberg’s Brunch
WHEN: Tomorrow
WHERE: At her Palisades house
BUZZ: A tough ticket to get, this swanky garden party turns 10 this year and attracts a VIP set without all the interns. And when VIPs get comfortable (or, better yet, uncomfortable) around other VIPs, things like this happen: At Tammy’s first brunch, Barbra Streisand walked out because she didn’t like some of the questions that New York Times reporter Rick Berke told her he would ask her during an interview. The bipartisan roster of co-hosts includes Hilary Rosen, Alex Castellanos, David Adler, Kathryn Lehman, Beth Viola and Loretta Ucelli.
BUST: In order to gain entry, you must pledge your undying loyalty to the Kingdom of Haddad. (Oh, and you can’t get too drunk, lest you sleep through the big dinner.)
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles):

WHAT: Atlantic/National Journal Media Pre-Party

WHEN: Saturday, 6pm
WHERE: Washington Hilton Terrace
BUZZ: This is like the Britney Spears of parties: Big, young, noisy, obnoxious and easy to get into. As long as you dress up nice and pretend like you belong there, you can probably get into the Washington Hilton’s pre-parties and this is the biggest one there. True, it can be a bit much and the VIP quotient is fairly watered down, but it’s the most democratic event of the evening, which gives it a bit of charm. Not every celebrity makes it out onto the terrace (some opting to stay in those small rooms along the terrace’s exterior) but if you’re looking for that picture of you and a celebrity to send to Mom and some free drinks to kick off your night before Rich Little comes on, this is your best bet. Other publications host pre-parties around the hotel (remember when Newsweek stole the show last year?) and this year the question will be: Where’s Sanjaya?!?
BUST: Celebrities don’t look so hot when seen in the Terrace’s bright sunlight and interns don’t look so hot when they’re between you and the bar.
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles):

WHAT: The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner
WHEN: Saturday evening.
WHERE: Washington Hilton
BUZZ: One of the events of the year, the dinner can provide some memorable moments. Lots has been written about Rich Little, but with the bar so low, is he destined to exceed our expectations?
BUST: The security line getting in. The crowded seating once you’re in. Boring speeches.
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles):


WHAT: Bloomberg After-Party
WHEN: Saturday night
WHERE: Costa Rican Embassy
BUZZ: The grand-daddy of after parties, this year will see a more select crowd and the requisite display of fancy drinks, decor and design. Plenty of celebrities stop by but they don’t always stay forever. Will Mayor Mike show up? And with a bathtub this year, there’s bound to be some great stories.
BUST: If you drink too many glow-in-the-dark drinks, your Sunday could be enormously difficult. And how many VIP guests will Christopher Hitchens’ party steal away?
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles):


WHAT: Vanity Fair After Party
WHEN: Saturday Evening
WHERE: Christopher Hitchens’ Apartment
BUZZ: The party is notable simply because it’s back (Vanity Fair owned the After Party scene before handing it over to Bloomberg years back). And Graydon Carter (and the people that love him) and Hitchens (and the people that love him) are sure to attract an impressive VIP set without the annoying gawkers.
BUST: Hitchens’ apartment isn’t terribly big. Will it get uncomfortable in there? And will Vanity Fair attract an impressive, but impressively old roster of VIPs? And for the young kids: How much fun is it if you don’t know anybody there?
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles):


WHAT: Reuters After Party
WHEN: Saturday night
WHERE: Four Seasons
BUZZ: Referred to by one FishbowlDC reader as “the poor man’s after party,” it doesn’t have the star power of Bloomberg or Vanity Fair, but it usually attracts a powerfully fun crowd of young’ns who aren’t there to star-gaze, but, rather, to dance and get blazed. You may not see Jane Fonda here, but you will see people passing out in the bathroom. And you may get a girl to talk to you. And you may not have to wait in line for a drink.
BUST: See “poor man’s after party” above.
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles)


WHAT: Capitol File Magazine After Party
WHEN: Saturday night
WHERE: Colombia’s ambassadorial residence
BUZZ: The buzz leading up to this weekend is that Capitol File’s after party will be somewhere between Bloomberg and Reuters on the quality scale, but there’s also been some chatter that Capitol File could score a come-from-behind victory and impress the socks off of people. They’ve stepped up this year’s program a notch (graduating from their Cafe Milano location last year) and generously offered most attendees plus ones (super nice). They’re sure to rope in a VIP or seven and, unlike other places, you may actually be able to squeeze in a second to talk to them here.
BUST: No, those models they flew in will not actually talk to you.
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles)


WHAT: John McLaughlin’s Brunch
WHEN: Sunday
WHERE: Hay Adams
BUZZ: It’s not easy scoring a ticket to this brunch and it always attracts a strong VIP set. The setting is the perfect way to cap the weekend while taking in the view and taking down a mimosa.
BUST: Most folks are down right pooped by the time they make it to this and officially out of things to say.
RATING (Out of Four Rich Littles):