National Journal’s Fournier Finds Halloween Love

By Peter Ogburn Comment

On Halloween, fast food chain White Castle tweeted out the question, “What are you dressed as?” First of all, maybe we should make a new rule, if you’re old enough to have a Twitter account, you’re too old to dress up for Halloween.

In any event, one person who responded was National Journal’s Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier. He replied, “True story: Met my wife while dressed as @whitecastle hamburger in ’83. She was (and is) an angel.”

Awwww. While it’s a sweet story, I’d have a really hard time equating the love of my life with tiny, steamed hamburgers. We spoke with Fournier about that fateful night…

He tells FBDC, “It was at a Halloween party at an apartment near the university we both attended, the University of Detroit in Detroit, Mich. I was shy and she was (and is) clearly out of my league so it took a special “slow” song for me to screw up my courage and ask her to dance. It was Willie Nelson’s ‘Angel Flying to Close to the Ground.’ He’s my favorite singer/writer and Lori was dressed as an angel.”

So for all of you lovesick kids out there, it sounds like a combo of fast food adored by pot-smoking college kids, music by the perpetually high Willie Nelson and a little slow dancing just might be the key to a young woman’s heart. It worked well for Fournier. He tells us that he and his wife, Lori, celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary last April.