Morning Reading List, 03.29.07

By Patrick 

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Borat is the bigger, better WHCD dinner guest. Sorry Clooney.

  • The Village Voice calls the “optimistically titled” “How Newspapers Can Survive (and Thrive) in the 21st Century,” CJR event “a rather excruciating examination of why most of them probably won’t.”

  • CJR reports, “The coverage of the Midwest is becoming even thinner than in the past because of all the crippling cutbacks in the news business.”

  • E&P reports that Outgoing ASNE President Dave Zeeck “has one word for those who claim newspapers are biased, lazy and out to bring down the country: Bullshit!”

  • Complete with a Washington, D.C. dateline, The Onion reports, “Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes Question Intended For Bush.”

  • John Dickerson shares, “How I wrote a memoir about the mother I once hated.”

  • Harry Jaffe looks at how Sally Quinn, an atheist, “found religion and resurrected her career with On Faith, her online collaboration with Newsweek editor Jon Meacham.”

  • Politico has a new reporter among its ranks. Chris Frates joins the team from the Denver Post.

  • Eric Boehlert says, “The Politico shouldn’t stop apologizing yet.”

  • Business Financial Publishing is seeking a Director of Operations.

  • Governing is looking for a Advertising Sales Executive.

  • Wall Street Journal’s Lee Gomes asks, “How would consumers fare in the event of a Sirius-XM merger? … If the complaints of terrestrial broadcasters are any measure, perhaps better than it first appears.”

  • AARP is hiring a Design Director.

  • Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access is hiring a Staff Writer for the Association and Managing Editor of our national publication. The candidate will handle all editorial, production, and business responsibilities related to the Federal Drug Discount and Compliance Monitor.

  • The Mainichi Shimbun is looking for a Staff Researcher for Washington Bureau.

  • The Benefits Group of SourceMedia is seeking an associate/web editor on the ground floor of its newly redesigned Web site,

  • Congressional Quarterly is hiring a Graphic Designer.

  • The News and Advance in Lynchburg, Va., is hiring a sports designer/copy editor.

  • PBS Newshour is hiring a NewsHour Assignment Editor.

  • FierceMarkets, Inc. is seeking an Experienced Biotech Editor.

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