Hot Topic: Off-Exchange Enrollees

By Patrick Tutwiler Comment

Today is the last official day to sign up for Obamacare via and the state exchanges -but it’ll still be a while before we know how many people actually enrolled. Meanwhile, there will be plenty of conjecture about the success and/or failure of the exchanges. But some journos are  buzzing about the healthcare shoppers who are staying off the exchanges altogether. These young procrastinators avoided the flawed government websites and signed up directly with their insurers over the past few weeks. Though they will still benefit from the healthcare law’s new provisions, they won’t be counted when Obamacare enrollments are finally tallied:

1) Young people finally buying health insurance. by Jonnelle Marte at Marketwatch.

Many under 34 were procrastinating, eHealth data suggests…

2) Young adults signing up at higher rates off Obamacare exchanges. by Jason Millman at Wonkblog.

A higher rate of young adults and uninsured people are signing up for coverage through a private insurance website…

3) Obamacare’s Invisible Victory. by Sophie Novack at National Journal.

Why the total enrollment number is actually bigger than you think…