Foreign Policy Forges On…

By Matt Dornic 

Every once in a while we get our hands on an internal memo that isn’t about layoffs or salary cuts…

Is it as newsworthy? Probably not, but the doom and gloom is starting to wear on me so congrats to FP on their continued successes. Susan Glasser’s memo obtained by FBDC below:

From: Susan Glasser
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 12:34 PM
To: Foreign Policy
Subject: what a week

Hi all… just a quick note to congratulate everyone on the exciting convergence of our biggest issue ever of Foreign Policy the print magazine (168 great pages) and the biggest traffic yet on the new (1 million page views and counting in the last few days). It’s a terrific achievement for everyone, and reflects the broad range of ways FP is providing distinctive, original writing, reporting and analysis about the world – from Tomas van Houtryve’s powerful North Korea photo essay now making its viral way around the Diggs and Reddits of the web to the Next Big Thing package and Robert Kaplan’s “Revenge of Geography” essay to a ton of unique web content, including Phil Zelikow’s revelation in the Shadow Government blog that the Bush White House tried to destroy his memo objecting to torture and Evgeny Morozov’s terrific debut with Net Effect just in time for the Twitter revolution that was (or wasn’t) in Moldova. So congrats to all on the great behind-the-scenes effort that makes this happen every day…