Fishbowl 5 with HuffPost’s Laura Bassett


By Peter Ogburn Comment

In the latest edition of WaPo’s Date Lab, HuffPost’s Politics Reporter Laura Bassett subjects herself to the dangers of blind dating. She was set up with a man named Eli Savit, a lawyer, and let Date Lab document the whole event. While it sounds like a good time was had by all, Bassett made clear that she has eyes for someone else and there will be no second date. We caught up with her to get the scoop on what really happened on the date in this edition of Fishbowl 5.

1. Did you really have as much fun as you led on in the WaPo piece? I wasn’t convinced. Of course. The Washington Post gave me $125 and two disposable cameras and sent me to dinner with a cool guy. You’d have to be a serious wet blanket of a person to not have fun.

2. It sounds like this whole experience pushed you in the direction of someone else. How’s that going? It’s going great, despite Date Lab’s oddly aggressive commenters telling him to run for the hills.

3. You mentioned that there were some arguments related to politics over the course of the evening. Did it get tense? What were the arguments over? It didn’t get that tense. We were arguing over whether it was okay for the Obama administration to require employers to pay for birth control. You know, typical first date getting-to-know-you banter.

UPDATE: The couple’s arguments weren’t nearly as heated as we’d imagined. Bassett wrote in to clear things up, saying, “I’d like to clarify something I said: Eli and I were not arguing about the contraception rule, we were simply discussing it. I did not mean to imply that Eli took a position one way or the other.

4. Was there ANY sexual attraction between the two of you? No, probably because of the circumstances.

5. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? One time I went out with this guy who talked about himself throughout the whole dinner with a big green food particle in his teeth, and then demanded that I pay for his towed car that he had illegally parked at a clearly-marked space at my apartment. I think I actually threw the cash at him and told him not to call me.