Fiesta de Quinceanera for MSNBC

By Matt Dornic Comment

It seems like only yesterday that NBC and Microsoft brought MSNBC into the world.  But believe it or not, our little, forward-leaning news network turns 15 next month.  They grow up so fast…

To celebrate MSNBC’s Sweet Fifteen, NBC and new stepmother Comcast will host a very special Quinceanera bash in Washington on July 7th.  The fete is invite-only but don’t let that stop you from taking a trip down memory lane with us. In honor of the network’s anniversary, we’ve pulled together a few fun facts about the year of MSNBC’s launch.

In 1996:  Both Ebay and Ask Jeeves came to market; Dolly the sheep became the world’s first successfully cloned mammal; the Spice Girls climbed to number 1 on the charts with “Wannabe;” cinemas debuted “Jerry Maguire” and “The Bird Cage;” Bob Dole and Ross Perot ran for president; Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced…and I was replacing my parents’ vodka with water as a high school student in Cleveland, Ohio.

Time sure does fly.  Anyhow, happy birthday MSNBC!