Andy Borowitz’s Nose And Other Observations From Joy Behar’s Comics With Benefits Event

By Eddie Scarry Comment

Current TV’s Joy Behar hosted “Comics with Benefits” last night in New York City, a charity event for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The benefit featured performances by Behar, New Yorker‘s Andy Borowitz and Current’s other in-house comedian John Fugelsang. Though it transpired last night, the special doesn’t air on Current until Friday. But browsing through Twitter using the hashtag #ComicsWithBenefits, we were able to pull the four most interesting bits ahead of time.

1. Wendy Williams is a giant.

“How we doin’?” tweeted Wendy Williams of the Wendy Williams Show, who attended the event. Here she is towering over “The View’s” leopard-printed Sherri Shepherd. One follower asked “Geeze Wendy, how tall are you sweetie?”Another said, “Awww Man!..I Thought That was Another Picture Of U With Your Clothes Off …Dang!! :-)” …

2. John Fugelslang is exceptionally unfunny.

A couple tweets quoting lines from Fugelslang:

  • “Folks I’d like to announce we’ve run so long this is now a Hillary Clinton 2016 fundraiser.” (?)
  • “Mitt Romney changes ideas like a yoga instructor on crystal meth.” (??)


3. Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer hung with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.

That’s not a creepy back alley and that’s not an expensive call girl standing next to Spitzer. It’s Dee Snider.

4. Andy Borowitz likely has a strong sense of smell.

Imagine how useful a honker like that must be: Smelling what’s for dinner before getting home; sneeze only once to clear your sinuses; cordless vacuuming, even.