Calderone Breaks His Silence…


By Betsy Rothstein 

Soon to be Yahoo News writer Michael Calderone writes: “So much mystery! Actually, not so much. I’ve been at Politico since late 2007 and have had a great run here. This crazy start-up-turned-major political news organization provided me with a unique opportunity to look daily at the presidential campaign, first year of the Obama administration, and Congress though the media/ politics prism. Management also allowed me to launch a media blog and have given me tons of freedom. Then why leave? Well, I’m moving on because the chance arose to be a part an exciting new venture being launched by Yahoo. At a time of contraction in much of the legacy media, I think it’s important to look for those pockets of expansion and experimentation in original content that might be a good fit. And this seemed like a unique opportunity to cover the media-not just in DC-for a large audience of news consumers. I’m looking forward to getting started.”