A Few Fox News Notes…


By Christine 

• Shepard Smith will anchor a special edition of “Studio B” today about the situation in Iran at 3pm today. Smith also anchored two hours of Fox’s cable news coverage this Saturday night. TVNewser reports the hour will feature correspondents from various locations including London, Jerusalem, the State Dept. and the Pentagon and will also play some of the amateur video on the social networking sites.

• Bret Baier reflects on Father’s Day here. Baier’s son Paul has congenital heart defects. His advice this Father’s Day, “What I would tell any father is to spend more time with your kids and just appreciate that time. Not to be dark, but you really don’t know what happens in life, period,” he said. “We try to focus on today with Paul, which I recommend for any parent. To live in the day, in the moment. Take lots of pictures and lots of video and just appreciate what you have with your child.”