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Digitally Tracking the Complex Consumer: How Expedia Media Solutions Zeroed in on the Bleisure Traveler

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast February 23, 2017)
Expedia Media Solutions wanted to shed light on the complex purchase patterns of bleisure travelers--people who travel for both business and leisure. Incisive digital tracking, combined with traditional surveys, was used to tackle the issue, and the learnings can be applied to categories beyond travel.

Refresh Your Creative Process: Best Practices to Get Teams Moving Faster

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast February 14, 2017)
A new creative campaign can be an emotional rollercoaster. But with a few simple changes to your creative process, you can move projects faster and without frustration. Get best practices for how teams can spend more time on the creative output, and less time on the process.

Stop Worrying About Cord Cutters: TV with the Precision of Digital

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 31, 2017)
Cord cutters have been a major concern for advertisers who need to leverage television's scale. But shifting viewing patterns are a reality and its time to put that anxiety to rest. The solution: Focus on cross-device identity to bring the precision of digital to your TV buys.

What Influences Conversions? The Why Before (and After) the Buy

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 26, 2017)
There are many factors that influence consumers as they zigzag between devices, platforms and locations to discover products and services and make purchase decisions. Get the results from a recent study on search behavior by YP and Thrive Analytics on the why before the buy.

Social Tools Empower Precision Marketing: How Britvic Uncovers Audience Needs

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 24, 2017)
When major European beverage brand, Britvic introduced its new children's juice in the U.S., it worked with its agency Critical Mass/Zócalo to use precision marketing galvanized by social listening tools and analytics. Find out first-hand how they did it.

Live Streaming Best Practices: How Live Video Is Changing the Social Landscape

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 19, 2017)
Live streaming (via Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch, Snapchat and the like) is transforming the way real-time content is broadcast, shared and consumed, especially on social media. Hear about best practices that marketers can put into action for their live-streaming efforts.

Bridge the TV-Digital Ad Gap: Data, Audience Targeting & Measurement

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 17, 2017)
The challenge: Audience targeting available on digital platforms doesn't translate to television advertising. Hear how advertisers can overcome this obstacle and inform their linear TV buys with behavioral online data.

Social Listening Meets Image Sharing: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast December 20, 2016)
The shift towards more social photo sharing provides an enormous opportunity for brands to better understand campaign performance, audience interests and influencer identification, but only if you're able to interpret the data from those billions of images. Don't miss out on this huge chunk of the social conversation.

Think Outside the Inbox: Powering the Very Best Customer Journey

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast December 15, 2016)
Tools like web tracking, online forms, dynamic content and smart email automation make it possible for marketers to take control of data overload. Hear how top brands surface and combine multiple data points to create high-converting campaigns for every step of the customer lifecycle.

Optimizing Mobile Video: Exploring a New Ecosystem

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast December 8, 2016)
Traditional video advertising formats were created long before the mobile ecosystem reached maturity. Learn more about how consumers engage with mobile video ads and how advertisers can get greater value from their campaigns.