3 overarching themes

3 Days of Discovery

The Innovators

How marketers are leveraging the latest tools to build their brands

  • What 5G will mean to marketers
  • Emerging tech and CX
  • Innovators symposium
  • Personalization at scale
  • Retail revolution (physical and digital)
The Changemakers

Leveling up for the next generation of consumers

  • Brand activism and accountability
  • Changing customer needs
  • Success through organizational design
  • Marketers’ toolkit
  • Driving cultural change
The Brands of Tomorrow

Established, incumbent and challenger brands share their story of reinvention and success

  • Big legacy brand speakers
  • Unicorn DTC brands

3 overarching themes

3 Days of Discovery

Join the Movement


September 14-17, 2020


Miami, FL


Explore the Future of Brands


800 Brand Leaders and Industry Executives


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Be part of a movement that has launched hundreds of conversations, thousands of ideas and millions of actions that shape the future of brands and transform the way they influence the world. Brandweek is designed to challenge brands to think beyond the issues of today and conceptualize the solutions of the future. Together, in a forum designed for intimate conversation, we'll explore the possibilities for the next generation of commerce, from the impact of technological breakthroughs to the sociological trends and world events that guide consumer decisions.



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