Zynga’s Mountain Goat Mountain Climbs Onto Mobile

The game challenges players to climb a never-ending mountain as one of more than 20 goat characters.

Mobile and social game company Zynga has announced the release of Mountain Goat Mountain on iOS and Android devices. The game was developed by a small team in Zynga’s San Francisco studio, and offers procedurally generated environments, challenging players to climb as high as possible while avoiding obstacles.

The environments in Mountain Goat Mountain are designed like those in the classic arcade game Q*bert, with other gameplay elements inspired by endless survival games like Crossy Road. In each game, players tap on the left and right sides of the screen to make the mountain goat climb each cube of the mountain. If players reach a dead-end, they can swipe to move back down the mountain to another path. Along the way, players will need to watch out for falling rocks or barrels, holes, water, cacti, lanterns and more, depending on the environment.

Mountain Goat Mountain 1

Players earn points as they climb the mountain, and can share their high scores with friends. At specific timed intervals, players can open free treasure chests containing coins (players may also collect coins as they climb the mountain). These coins are spent on mystery crates, which contain different goat characters.

There are 22 goats available at launch, with each changing the overall look and theme of the game. Billy the Kid, for instance, turns the mountain into a dusty desert landscape, while a Stealth Goat sees players climbing the mountain using night vision. If players would rather not wait to unlock a specific character, they can each be purchased instantly for $0.99.

Mountain Goat Mountain is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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