Zynga & World Food Programme Team Up to Fight Hunger

FishVille WFP GlobesWorld hunger is an ongoing problem all over the globe, and according to the World Food Programme (WFP), countries such as Cameroon are in dire need of help. With around 16 million people, 40% are living on less than one U.S. dollar a day To help fight the issue, social gaming company Zynga is stepping up to the plate.

Within three of Zynga’s larger titles, players can purchase virtual goods that feature the WFP’s symbolic red plastic cup, which represents the organization’s various school meal programmes. A portion of each proceed will then go to helping feed school children in Cameroon.

Among the game’s offering the WFP-themed items will be FishVille, Roller Coaster Kingdom, and YoVille. Below are the purchasable items for each game:

  • FishVille: Users may purchase a WFP Glitter Globe for 25 Sand Dollars (FishVille’s virtual currency). 50% of each transaction will go to WFP.
  • Rollar Coaster Kingdom: Users can purchase a WFP cup ride for 25 Coaster Cash, with 50% of the revenue going to WFP.
  • YoVille: Users may purchase a Camaroon-themed food platter using 10 YoCash.

This marks yet another humanitarian move on the part of Zynga as a part of their efforts in “transforming the world through games.” Previous efforts included donations from FarmVille farmers to help feed children in Haiti – which has earned over $700,000 – and the YoVille campaign to sell virtual pet bulldogs and tabby cats in order to help the San Francisco SPCA. That initiative has raised $90,000 since Spring 2009. See more about these programs at Zynga.org.