Zynga Wants Beta Testers for New Game “Crime Nation,” or “Mafia Nation”

CityVille isn’t the only new game from Zynga — it’s also working on another one called Mafia Nation, that it’s been asking its existing players to apply to become beta testers for, according to reader Frank B.

You can see the survey here. The game, according to the survey, has the following objective: “In Mafia Nation, it’s your crew against the world: build your team, defend your turf, and lead them to power and luxury… by any means necessary. Are you tired of rules? Time to step up and start making your own.” Following the logo and summary, the survey asks users how interested they’d be in playing, whether they’d like to be a beta tester, their age, and gender. Zynga declined to comment.

The original creative showed the name to be Crime Nation, but it was just recently changed to Mafia Nation.

That doesn’t sound so different from Mafia Wars, which is a text-based role-playing game. However, the isometric visuals of the logo more closely resemble the newer title Crime City, developed by Funzio, which combines role-playing with simulation game elements, like city-building and, at its best moments, resembles Grand Theft Auto. Since Crime City was one of the few big successes of 2010, it would fit Zynga’s modus operandi to emulate the game.

But for Zynga, which has proven itself expert at integrating concepts from a wide range of games with CityVille, Mafia Nation (surprisingly not yet called MafiaVille) could prove to be a yet more interesting iteration on the genre.

Update: Reader Megan Schaff points out that Zynga may not have used MafiaVille because a game with that name is already being created by Dandelion Apps. According to the web page, MafiaVille is “an isometric social game coming soon to Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows Phone 7 & more!”