Zynga Testing New Stealth Offers Platform From "DoubleDing"

DoubleDing LogoZynga, the largest social gaming network on Facebook, appears to be testing a new offers platform on their largest applications. Farmville is by far the largest Facebook application ever and it continues to grow with over 43 million users. So how does the most popular application ever generate revenue? Right now the company is using Offerpal as the primary offers monetization platform but as one inquisitive user noticed, the company appears to be testing out a service by a company never heard of before: “DoubleDing”.

My initial thoughts were that Zynga just cut out the middle man and built their own offers program but after a little bit of research, I’m unable to confirm my suspicions. A simple whois query shows that the domain is registered through a private domain registrar. I then figured that perhaps Zynga is serving up ads through the same hosting provider as their games. I ran a traceroute command to see what the end point was for Zynga.com and DoubleDing.com but the servers are in different locations.

DoubleDing.com appears to be hosted on Los Angeles based Rackspace servers that are registered to “Double Ding Inc”. Zynga is hosted out of San Francisco and their IP addresses are registered with their own company. So what is this new company? While we don’t have details, it appears that the company is looking to work with social gaming companies to help monetize them through various offers.

Quantcast statistics show that users of DoubleDing have a strong affiliation with RockYou and Slide applications as well as Habbo.com, Gaia online, and even Playdom, the social gaming company that Zynga is currently suing. Right now there are few details about this new offers program but they are using many of the same offers provided by Offerpal. With numerous companies already battling for leadership in the offers space (Offerpal, Super Rewards, Gambit, etc), this space is becoming increasingly crowded.

For now we aren’t aware of who runs DoubleDing and if they are owned by one of the social gaming networks. We’ll keep looking into this though. Have you heard of DoubleDing? Have any details you can provide us? You can view a demo here.

I now have numerous sources saying that Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga, self-funded this new company and that it’s not owned by Zynga. We’ll be sure to post an update with any more information.

Also, we’ve found out that David Brooks, a former developer for Intermix, the company behind MySpace, is the Chief Technology Officer of this company.