Zynga Finally Unveils Indiana Jones Adventure World

Zynga’s Adventure World is at last getting its promised infusion of Indiana Jones, announced in September as part of a partnership with LucasFilm.

Unlike Zynga’s previous pairings with Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias and Michael Jackson, this collaboration is focused purely on gameplay rather than cross promotion. While those campaigns all resulted in a short term boost in monthly active and daily active users, the numbers dwindled once the limited time promotion ended.

When the new Adventure World chapter goes live tomorrow, players will be able to explore a new chapter of the game called Indiana Jones and the Calendar of the Sun and team up with a non-playable Indiana Jones character. New players will now find Indiana Jones-themed items, collectibles, weapons, outfits and gadgets incorporated into the game.

Its safe to assume that Zynga is hoping that the Indiana Jones integration will shore up Adventure World’s performance in the long term. Despite an initial debut as the 9th fastest growing Facebook game by MAU, Adventure World failed to capitalize on those numbers. AppData indicates the game peaked in October and has seen a steady decline since, dropping from its peak of nearly 14 million MAU and 2 million DAU to today’s 9 million MAU and 1.4 million MAU.

Unfortunately for Zynga, Adventure World isn’t the only game that is failing to capitalize on a strong initial launch. Mafia Wars 2 has followed Adventure World’s trajectory, dropping from a peak of 17 million MAU and over 2 million DAU to 12.5 million MAU and 1 million DAU according to AppData.

Zynga’s most popular games have all seen flat or declining MAU in recent months and the developer currently has 215 million MAU and 49 million MAU. However, while those numbers have been steady over the past three months, Zynga has seen a slight uptick in MAU and DAU recently thanks to the success of CastleVille.