Zune Rocks a Video Update and Music Subscriptions

ZuneGreen.jpgMicrosoft just launched a major update to the Zune; it contains an upgrade to the MP3 player’s software and social networking site, Zune Social. Meanwhile, Microsoft also rolled out portable Zune cards, music subscriptions, and—ta da&;mdash;an all-new video store, according to PC Magazine.

The music subscription offering is your standard issue Napster and Rhapsody-style service, where users pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to the entire catalog. The video store is more interesting. Beginning today, the Zune Marketplace will feature content from providers such as Comedy Central, FUNimation Entertainment, MTV, NBC Universal, Nickelodeon, Starz Media (including Manga Entertainment), Turner Broadcasting, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and VH1, according to the report.

It’s a bit late, but this at least begins to put the Zune Marketplace on an even keel with the iTunes Store, which has offered video for over two years.