Zumbox: The Alternative Postal Service?

zumboxZumbox, or the self-proclaimed “Alternative Postal Service”, aims to please by sending paperless mail online from street address to street address.

Excuse me? Yes, this Website has created a way for businesses and for personal mail to be sent- without using a single sheet of paper. This differs from email in a few ways. For businesses, they must gather the customer’s email to be able to send them anything. With Zumbox all you need is the customer’s mailing address, so there is no need to gather additional information.

Zumbox created a mailbox for over 150 million addresses within the United States, so the site does not require the people you are sending mail to register. In fact, all it requires to check your Zumbox mail is for you to go to the website and enter your mailing address. It then uses the postal service to send a pin (personal identification number) to your address as a way of verifying your address and as a confidential login to see your mail.

Zumbox offers a secure and quick way to send mail. More than that, it saves money and helps out with environmental concerns at the same time. This site is innovative and has real potential to change the way we send mail. Can we say Christmas cards for next year?