Zuckerberg Responds to User Complaints on Facebook Redesign

With the number of Facebook users expressing discontent about the new redesign reaching 3.8 million between two Facebook user protest groups, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded today in the Facebook company blog:

It’s tempting to say that we should just support both designs, but this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Supporting two versions is a huge amount of work for our small team, and it would mean that going forward we would have to build everything twice. If we did that then neither version would get our full attention.

That said, Facebook is a work in progress. We constantly try to improve things and we understand that our work isn’t perfect. We appreciate the thousands of you who have written in to give us feedback. Even if you’re joining a group to express things you don’t like about the new design, you’re giving us important feedback and you’re sharing your voice, which is what Facebook is all about.

Users who have vocalized their complaints on the redesign by joining one of these groups can know that their voices have been heard by Mark Zuckerberg. Whether users actually follow through on their threats to leave the site, and how Facebook continues to update the new design in response to user complaints, remains to be seen.